Cone holder ICD-004

Cone holder

The Acrylic Cone Display Holder is a chic and functional accessory designed to elegantly showcase and organize an assortment of ice cream cones or other conical treats. Crafted from transparent acrylic material, this display holder offers a contemporary and sophisticated appearance that seamlessly complements any dessert shop, ice cream parlor, or special event.

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1. MOQ: 30 pieces;
2. Standard dimension: base diameter is 30cm, height is 39cm ;
3. Holes quantity on each stand:  68 pieces;
4. Material: food grade acrylic sheets;
5. Custom service: Yes;
6. Logo printing service: Yes;
7. Worldwide shipping service: By sea / by air / by Express;
8. Sample available: Yes;
9. Sample time: 3 – 5 work days after payment;
10. Mass goods time: 7 – 15 work days according to order quantity;
11. Wholesale only, no retail;
12. 100% quality guaranteed.
If you need a quotation or custom made service, please email us your detailed requirements and estimated order quantity, and we will give you a quotation as soon as possible.

Featuring precision-cut slots or compartments, the acrylic cone display holder securely holds each cone upright, creating a visually appealing arrangement that allows customers to easily view and select their preferred flavors. The transparent nature of the acrylic material beautifully highlights the vibrant colors and enticing textures of the ice cream or other treats, enhancing their overall presentation.

The sturdy construction of the acrylic cone display holder ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable fixture for daily use in bustling establishments. Its versatile design accommodates various cone sizes, making it suitable for both standard and waffle cones, as well as other conical desserts like cake cones or sugar cones.

Perfect for countertop or tabletop display, the acrylic cone display holder adds a touch of sophistication to any dessert serving area. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it convenient for transportation and ideal for outdoor events, catering setups, or mobile dessert stations.

Whether it’s a single scoop or a tantalizing ice cream sundae, the acrylic cone display holder enhances the presentation of conical treats, making them irresistible to customers or guests. It is a must-have accessory for businesses or hosts aiming to elevate their dessert presentation and create a delightful experience for their patrons or visitors.

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