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The Clear Acrylic Rod Cone Stand is a masterful creation, skillfully crafted from premium quality materials that exude sophistication and transparency. Its minimalist design allows the focus to be entirely on the treats displayed, creating a visually stunning presentation that is sure to captivate dessert enthusiasts.

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1. MOQ: 200 – 500 pieces;
2. Standard dimension:  Φ2.5 * 2.5 cm / Φ3 * 3 cm / Φ3 * 4 cm / Φ4 * 5cm ;
3. Holes quantity on each stand:  1 piece;
4. Material: food grade acrylic sheets;
5. Custom service: Yes;
6. Logo printing service: Yes;
7. Worldwide shipping service: By sea / by air / by Express;
8. Sample available: Yes;
9. Sample time: 3 – 5 work days after payment;
10. Mass goods time: 7 – 15 work days according to order quantity;
11. Wholesale only, no retail;
12. 100% quality guaranteed.
If you need a quotation or custom made service, please email us your detailed requirements and estimated order quantity, and we will give you a quotation as soon as possible.

The stand features a series of clear acrylic rods that gracefully rise from a sturdy base, giving the impression of an ethereal tower of sweet delights. Each acrylic rod acts as a holder for the ice cream cones, allowing them to stand upright in a visually appealing arrangement.

This design choice not only creates a beautiful floating effect for the cones but also ensures stability and prevents tipping or toppling over, even when the stand is filled with a diverse assortment of cones.

The use of clear acrylic materials offers a clean and unobstructed view of the treats, making it an ideal centerpiece for any dessert buffet, ice cream parlor, or catering event. Guests can easily see the vibrant colors and textures of the ice cream cones, making their choice all the more tantalizing.

The Clear Acrylic Rod Cone Stand’s versatility allows it to complement various themes and settings seamlessly. Whether it’s a chic wedding reception, a modern dessert bar, or an upscale event, this stand effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to the dessert presentation.

Moreover, the minimalist design of the stand ensures that it blends harmoniously with any decor, allowing the treats to take center stage and leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Beyond its beauty, the stand is also incredibly practical and easy to clean. Its durable acrylic construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable investment for any food establishment or event planner.

In summary, the Clear Acrylic Rod Cone Stand showcased in this image is a true work of art, gracefully elevating the presentation of ice cream cones and sweet treats to a new level of elegance. Its transparency, stability, and versatility make it a must-have addition to any dessert setting, promising to enchant guests and create unforgettable dessert experiences.

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