Ice cream cone rack ICD-009

  • Ice cream cone rack
  • Ice cream cone rack

The Black Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Rack is a sleek and functional display stand designed to showcase and organize ice cream cones in an appealing and efficient manner. Crafted from high-quality black acrylic material, this rack exudes a modern and sophisticated charm that perfectly complements various ice cream parlors, dessert shops, cafes, and even home kitchens.

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1. MOQ: 30 pieces;
2. Standard dimension:  43 * 31 * 25 cm;
3. Holes quantity on each stand:  72 pieces;
4. Material: food grade acrylic sheets;
5. Custom service: Yes;
6. Logo printing service: Yes;
7. Worldwide shipping service: By sea / by air / by Express;
8. Sample available: Yes;
9. Sample time: 3 – 5 work days after payment;
10. Mass goods time: 7 – 15 work days according to order quantity;
11. Wholesale only, no retail;
12. 100% quality guaranteed.
If you need a quotation or custom made service, please email us your detailed requirements and estimated order quantity, and we will give you a quotation as soon as possible.

The rack features a multi-tiered design, providing ample space to accommodate a generous number of ice cream cones. Each tier is skillfully spaced to ensure that the cones are beautifully presented without touching, preserving their delightful appearance and preventing any accidental damage.

With its sturdy construction, the Black Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Rack guarantees exceptional durability, making it a reliable long-term addition to any establishment. Its robust build also ensures stability, so you can confidently display your delectable creations without worrying about accidental tip-overs.

Practicality meets aesthetics with this ice cream cone rack. Its minimalist black acrylic design not only elevates the visual appeal of your ice cream offerings but also adds a touch of elegance to your overall decor. The transparency of the acrylic material allows the vibrant colors of the ice cream cones to pop, capturing the attention of customers and enticing them to indulge in the frozen delights.

Beyond its stylish appearance, the Black Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Rack is easy to clean and maintain, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you’re showcasing classic flavors or experimenting with unique and innovative combinations, this display rack is an excellent tool for enhancing the presentation of your ice cream creations.

Whether you run a bustling ice cream shop or enjoy hosting dessert parties at home, the Black Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Rack is the perfect accessory to organize and showcase your frozen treats with finesse and flair. Elevate the ice cream experience for your customers or guests with this elegant and functional display stand.

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